CGIPack - 4D Plug-in Features

CGIPack is a 4D plug-in for Windows that allows your 4D applications to run Windows scripts or executables in the same way that a webserver runs a cgi. This means the standard input and output files of the Windows script are connected to your code, so that you can send data to the script/program, and capture its output. You can launch a .bat file from 4D and receive the text out into a 4D text variable. It also opens up the possibility to run controlled sessions of PERL, PHP, Rebol, WSH, VBScript, Javascript and any other executable from 4D, in the same way as they would normally be run as a cgi.

Possible applications:

The last point is VERY powerful. You can do all the COM stuff that 4D can't do in a VBScript. It is not like COM4D where you are in direct contact with the calling 4D process, but you can do a simple batch-style run and receive the result.

CGIPack Pricing

The CGIPack plug-in is available for the Windows platform. Non-transferrable, no-hassle licence. There are no annual licence fees.

  • CGIPack Plug-in Development/Deployment Licence - Windows - $60 USD - Includes Mac compile stubs.

Terms and pricing subject to change without notice.

Demonstration Database

To download the CGIPack demo database for 4D 2003 Windows click here.

To download the CGIPack demo database for 4D 6.7 Windows click here.

These demos include a 30 minute demonstration copy of the CGIPack plug-in.


There are lots of possibilities for using CGIPack with scripting languages. Here are just few...

Perl is especially powerful at string manipulation, but there are many possibilities here, including connections to commercial databases and everyone's favourite function - The Square Root of Not

PHP scripts. Just browse the built in function reference list to get an idea of what you can do with php.

Rebol is a internet-savvy scripting language that allows you to create very powerful functions in only a few lines. More script samples. A full Rebol install is 300 kb! Check out the one-liners.

Or go with Ruby, TCL, and Python


CGIPack is authored by Jens Blomster.


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