PARS Reporter - Windows File server mode - Installation Instructions


Often, PARS Reporter customers wish to share the PARS Reporter application within their office network, but do not need the full 4D Server client-server capabilities. The move of the software from a single computer user to a file server mode is quite simple and offers an intermediate solution for some NGO's..

Desired Set up:

  1. Copies of the PARS Reporter single user application should be installed on the client machines.
  2. A copy of your existing data file should be moved to a shared file on your file server from the existing single user computer.


  1. If you have an old version of PARS Reporter, then the first step is to move the complete PARS Reporter folder with all its contents to a shared directory on your file server from the existing location on the single user computer. A file server directory can be shared using the Sharing tab on the Properties dialog for a directory. If this is a new install, then perform the initial download and install of PARS Reporter to one of the client machines then copy the complete folder c:\Program Files\PARS Reporter directory to the shared directory.
  2. The resources on the single user machine should be removed permanently to lessen any confusion regarding which is the real data file. So, once you have made the move described in step 1, then you can dispose of those resources off the local user machine. (It is very important that you move PARS Data.4dd and PARS Data.4DR to the file server - this is your data!)
  3. Once this is complete then I suggest that you get the latest version of PARS Reporter from the Nufocus PARS Reporter web site. Click on the link entitled PARS Upgrader Windows - Latest and download this file to the client user computers.
  4. On the client computers, run the Installer and just click Next, Next, Next to do the standard install on each computer. You will need to contact Nufocus for a password.
  5. Using your normal network browsing technique, (Network Neighbourhood likely) find the newly created shared directory on the file server and Map a Drive to this directory.
  6. Then start up PARS Reporter from the Start... menu and it will ask you pick a data file. In the Data File Open dialog, find the PARS Data.4dd file that is on the shared directory on the file server and choose that file. (Note that you can force the display of the the Data File Open dialog upon startup of PARS Reporter by holding down the Alt key immediately after starting PARS Reporter.)
  7. PARS Reporter will start up as per normal.

Note that only one user can be connected at once.