Install and Import of new lookup files for PARS Reporter 4D Server


1) Download and install the latest lookup file: Click here to view the full file listing.


2) Place the new lookup file in a directory along with all the other lookup data files that you should have already. (You can drag and drop them from your web browser directly into the directory.) If you do not have these (see below), then please advise. 



3) Start up 4D Client.


4) Select the PARS Reporter instance from the "Connect to 4D Server" dialog. Click OK, and log in.


5) Click on the "Utilities" tab on the top right of the first screen.


6) Click on the "Import New Lookup Files" Import button. Click the "OK" button when prompted to confirm your action.


7) Using the "Browse for Folder" dialog, find the lookup data directory that you have prepared. Select this directory and click OK.


8) Within seconds the import will be complete. Click the "OK" button to finish.