PARS Reporter - software to simplify the process of managing and encoding the Program, Activity, Partner and associated data that is required to comply with CIDA’s PARS reporting specification.

PARS Reporter is an easy-to-use, yet powerful system that leads to accurate and error-free PARS upload files.


  1. Simple user interface.
  2. Pre-loaded CIDA data for choices.
  3. Set up a list of Partner contacts.
  4. Automated data error-checking.
  5. Data error location Go-to buttons.
  6. Flexible filename definition options.
  7. Import legacy PARS data from CIDA.
  8. Upgradable to client-server mode.
  9. Cross platform capable.
  10. Automatic contribution and percent calculations.


  1. Rapid PARS file generation.
  2. Error-free output.
  3. Multi-Program management.
  4. Single point of data entry.
  5. Standard format reporting.
  6. Speedy error correction.
  7. Can be used in mixed computer environments.
  8. Minimal effort to be PARS compliant.

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