Research Grant Central - Product Information:

Research Grant Central (RGC) is a software product that delivers a comprehensive set of features designed to automate the tasks involved in operating a research funding department within a research focussed agency. Cross platform (Windows - Macintosh), multi-user and web-capable, Research Grant Central can quickly be deployed within your research organisation for a fraction of the cost of other less powerful solutions. Using proven technology and design principles, Research Grant Central can be customised to address your special needs.

Written to service the requirements of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, a large Canadian health research organisation, this application has been deployed since 1985 providing automated support for all aspects of a research department's operation.

In 2004, RGC was deployed successfully at the Canadian Diabetes Association, immediately allowing remote provincial Canadian Diabetes Association agencies access to previously inaccessible data and functions.

If your organisation is considering investing additional funds towards improving your research fund management, or you wish to improve your existing grant management efficiencies, now is the time to consider upgrading to the premier research grant database available today. Research Grant Central can be quickly installed and loaded with your existing data, ensuring a problem-free implementation.

Easy and intuitive to use, you will quickly discover that the cost savings and features available in Research Grant Central lead to improved grant department operation and scalability as your organisation grows.

Features include:


Below are sample screens illustrating a few of the key functions of Research Grant Central:

Disclaimer: All information presented in the mock-up templates is fictitious and is used for illustrative purposes only.


Description: A sample Finance Details screen from one of the Grant forms illustrates the ability to track in a multi-year, multi-partner mode on a per grant basis. Double-clicking on a cell will reveal finer details such as semi-annual payments and account codes that are allocated to these numbers.

Note that depending on the grant type, financial details can be tracked with differing levels of detail.

Printed Funding Allocation forms are available for archival purposes or communication with other agency departments.

Budgets can be tracked on an annual basis.

A menu item that generates a CIHR-compliant load file will upload all grant data including appropriate figures from these Financial Details pages to the CRIS Research Project Funding database.

Description: The Co-Applicants pages on the various grant forms allow you to identify a full research team on a per grant basis. You can add team members by typing a partial name and Research Grant Central will look up the person in the Personal table.

Description: Grant review tracking is performed on the Reviewer Information screen.

Multiple Internal and External Reviewers can be tracked. Reviewer Status, Decline Reason, Reviewer Rating, and Rating of Reviewer are available. A Final Rating field is also available.

Research Grant Central also tracks the complete reviewer history for all grants and a quick view of a particular grants' Reviewer History also displays the present reviewer's personal review history on all other grants in the system.

A Reviewer History Export allows you to generate a complete listing of all reviewer activity in the system into spreadsheet format. The reviewer address information can also be mail-merged for thank you mailings and other communications.

Description: The Grant Keyword Information page facilitates allocation of application keywords in both general and the specific areas of Specialisation, Level of Organisation, Methodology and Disease. These keywords are used to pinpoint reviewers with related expertise (see the Reviewer Match feature below) and categorise the grants presently being managed. Cross Reference documents are publishable within these specific areas via a single menu item choice. A complete cross reference of all reviewer expertise can also be published.

The specific area keywords and general keywords can be entered manually, or updated from Common CV load files. This results in improved data integrity and lower overall data maintenance cost. Files to load expertise from your Research Grant Central personal into the Common CV system are also available upon request.

Clicking on the Print button will generate a Microsoft Word document (see sample) with all information maintained on the specific grant.

Description: The Personal table of Research Grant Central lets you view all grant and reviewer activity on a per person basis. Print out a comprehensive personal record containing all address data and historical information about this individual. Or e-mail the document to another individual for further review.

Contact information, Publications, Expertise track the individuals attributes. The Funding History and Review History screens track grant and review data from the grants in GC. You can quickly view an individuals relationship to funding and reviews performed.

Clicking on the Print button will generate a Microsoft Word document (see sample) with all personal information maintained on the individual applicant or reviewer.

Description: The Reviewer Match dialog allows grant administrators to quickly discover the best suited reviewers for a particular grant application using weighted attributes as shown. A maximum number of reviewers to find plus the number of keywords to match by category can be specified.

The computer generated listing of best suited reviewers can then be reviewed by committee and subsequently allocated to the grant. The resultant improved reviewer allocation leads to increased reviewer utilisation, higher reviewer retention rates, better review quality and improved reviewer response rates.

The Reviewer Match feature is available for both batch and single-grant reviewer optimization.

Refer to the Reviewer Info screen above for a sample of the data tracked on a per grant basis.

Description: The Grant Finder tool allows your research department staff to easily retrieve all grants in the system by various attributes. The resultant list displays grant attributes including funding amount and a total funding figure for all grants found with the specified search criteria. Double-clicking on a grant in the listing displays the grant details. Resultant grant lists can be exported with full grant details including financial details, reviewer names, ratings, over 30 column of grant specific data.

Description: The People Finder tool allows your research department staff to easily find all people in the system using complex searches if required. Whether they are applicants, reviewers or volunteers, people can be found using combinations of address, institution, research or reviewer information. Grant and personal text fields can be "and" or "or" searched for combinations of keywords.

Research Grant Central runs nightly exports of all grant data into files specifically designed to aid your analysis of your grant activities. Industry standard tools such as Excel, Crystal Reports and other business intelligence software can be used to connect to these files to create a portfolio of data views for adminstrators, executives or even web publication to your constituents.

If you wish to integrate Research Grant Central financial data into your existing accounting systems, please do not hesitate to contact Nufocus Inc. to review your needs. Contact Nufocus

Disclaimer: All information presented in the mock-up templates is fictitious and is used for illustrative purposes only.