Version 2.0

PARS Reporter is a Microsoft Windows and Macintosh application that allows you to quickly and easily enter and maintain your CIDA-specific Programme Activity information. With minimal effort, you can then export that Partner Activity information in the format used by CIDAís Program Activity Reporting System (PARS).

In PARS Reporter, Activity Information is collected and stored permanently. Want to extend an activity into a new year? Itís simple with PARS Reporter, and you wonít have to enter all of your data again

To allow rapid and accurate data entry, PARS Reporter includes all the CIDA standard choices built-in for data fields such as Country, Investment Type, Status, Sector Codes, Delivery Mechanism, etc. Descriptive related data is shown where appropriate when making choices in these pop-up choice fields.

PARS Reporter allows you to export your Activity Information in seconds. Once an activity is completely entered in PARS Reporter, you simply click on the Test Export button to check that you have all mandatory data in place. If you have a complete set of data, then clicking on the Export button will create an auto-named CIDA PARS-compliant file for delivery to CIDA.


Easy-to-use interface makes data entry clear and easy.

Contribution calculations are performed automatically.

All CIDAís codes and descriptions for Country, Sector, Theme, and Priorities are included.† Percentage calculations are automatically performed as new entries are made.


PARS Reporter will test your data before export to ensure that no mandatory information is missing, and that all allocations add up.

Historical CIDA PARS data can also be imported into PARS Reporter to offer you a centralized program reporting data repository. PARS Reporter makes your CIDA reporting obligations simple and error-free. Nufocus also offers a competitive upgrade service if you have an existing PARS filing tool. We will take your PARS data and import them into PARS Reporter at no cost.

Version 2.0 of PARS Reporter is a Microsoft Windows application.A single-user application license is $1,800.00 CAD. A Macintosh version and a multi-user option are also available.

A less expensive version of PARS Reporter is available for $850.00. This version, PARS Reporter Lite, provides the basic CIDA file creation and project tracking functions, but certain data export and reporting functions have been disabled.

PARS Reporter was written in response to the need for a simple, inexpensive solution to your CIDA Activity reporting requirements. Presently in use by other CIDA partners, PARS Reporter is can be set up in minutes. Eliminate the hassle and confusion of CIDA Activity reporting, contact Sales for more information or view our PARS Reporter web site.

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