Gateway Enterprise Manager

Gateway Enterprise Manager is a software package focussed at servicing the project management, contract tracking and resource optimisation needs of large divisional sized organisations conducting service billing and R and D work. Originally written for use by a world leading telecom's professional services division, it offers a wide range of features normally offered in systems priced in the $200,000 to $500,000 range.

Gateway is provided on a software subscription/maintenance contract basis. Get started on Gateway with minimal cost and obligation. Please contact Nufocus Inc. for pricing.

Features of note include web timesheet, web contract signature service for customers, automated e-mail alerts, resource allocation/identification wizards. This product has also been integrated by one customer with a complete knowledge management interface utilizing Cognos business intelligence software.

Capable of supporting thousands of concurrent projects annually. Generates over 50 web accessible reports nightly for upper management and project managers.

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