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Pricing (Canadian Dollars)

PARS Reporter - Lite

PARS Reporter Lite is the entry level PARS tool. This is a full version of PARS Reporter, except all non-CIDA data export and analysis functions are disabled. Basically, this version is designed for organisations that have less than 10 Project Activities and do not wish to take advantage of the data management and reporting features of the other PARS Reporter products.

Note that PARS Reporter Lite owners can upgrade at any time to the PARS Reporter Standard Edition for the differential cost of the 2 products. ($1050.00)


PARS Reporter - Standard Edition

PARS Reporter - Standard Edition is the best choice for organisations that wish to report to CIDA but leverage the data that is required for PARS file creation for other in-house project tracking and reporting purposes. PARS Reporter - Standard Edition generates Excel spreadsheets for analysis and can be used in a multi-user environment. Ad hoc report and query editors allow users to access all tables in the database. A budget tracking, schedule tracking and metric tracking environment is included in this version.


PARS Reporter - Platinum Upgrade

The PARS Reporter Platinum upgrade delivers two key features that allow your organisation to improve it's project tracking capabilities. The ability to assign Responsible Officers has been implemented in this upgrade, and all projects are assignable and locked to only these individuals. This allows you to ensure that data is of the utmost quality. A second feature of this upgrade is the ability to generate Excel Pivot tables and charts. These functions allow you to quickly prepare data views for internal analysis or external distribution that provide a clear and accurate picture of your project activities.

New - A Program Commentary Export has been added to the Platinum version of PARS Reporter. You can now select a Program, (or elect to report on all Programs) and then generate a Microsoft Word document containing all the Activity Descriptions or Activity Comments or Activity Internal Comments, sorted by Country, Partner, ODA or Sector. You can then use this document off-line to review Program portfolio progress.


PARS Reporter - RBM Upgrade

PARS Reporter - RBM Upgrade is the best choice for organisations that wish to track RBM (Results based management) data internally or report to CIDA via the built-in forms. RBM forms are designed based on actual CIDA specifications and terminology, and are auto-generated as soft-copy documents that can be immediately forwarded by e-mail or edited further prior to distribution. Project level, Partner level, Sector level and Program level reports are available for Narrative report creation from Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts and Lessons Learned data screens, and Expected, Actual and Variance fields are displayed in reports for quick analysis.

Indicator Metrics are also fully implemented at the Project level and Indicator reports can be created at the Project level, Partner level, Sector level and Program level.


PARS Reporter - Web Site Creator Upgrade

The PARS Reporter - Web Site Creator Upgrade allows you to generate custom web pages for internal or external publication from the data that is in your PARS Reporter software package. A list of all Project Activities with links to individual Activity pages that contain all detailed information about your projects can be created with a single button click. Your organisation has complete control of the templates that are used to generate the web documents, so you can customise the site to your own needs. Detailed data is generated as RTF documents to ease potential printing and distribution requirements.


PARS Reporter - Document Management Upgrade

The PARS Reporter - Document Management Upgrade allows you to maintain a complete document management system within your PARS Reporter system. Documents such as photos, budget spreadsheets and contractual documents of any computer file type can be archived and retrieved as needed on a per activity basis. Individual documents can be searched for by various attributes including file type, name, description text and keywords assigned. Automated document viewing is available from within PARS Reporter.


PARS Reporter - Client-Server option

The PARS Reporter products can be used in single-user or client-server environments. Please contact Nufocus Inc. for further technical and pricing information.


PARS Reporter - Pricing/Service Notes

The PARS Reporter Upgrades itemised above can be applied to the PARS Reporter Standard version, and multiple upgrade options can be combined to improve your PARS Reporter toolset at any time. Note that upgrades can not be applied to the PARS Reporter Lite version.

If you presently have a PARS reporting software package and would like to purchase PARS Reporter, then we can take the PARS data output from your existing system and import this data into PARS Reporter at no charge. This means that you can be up and running with PARS Reporter within minutes of installation.

Nufocus Inc. maintains on-line PARS Reporter support facilities via the internet. There is no charge for service upgrades and version upgrades for the first 12 months after purchase. Please contact Nufocus Inc. for service option pricing for subsequent years.


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