PARS Reporter - CIDA Upload Site:


Click on link below to go to PARS file Drop screen

The PARS Reporter - CIDA Upload Site provides you with easy access to the ftp site maintained by CIDA for PARS Submissions. Just click on the CIDA Upload Site link on the right and then enter the required password. Once connected, just drag and drop your PARSxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxx.DAT file icon from your computer's folder window onto the empty web browser window.

Important Note: Certain users have reported that they receive a "The page can not be displayed" error when clicking the CIDA Upload Site link. If you experience this behaviour, click on your Refresh or Reload button on your browser application (or use the View... Refresh menu item) to force a reset of the connection.

Be prepared to enter your PARS CIDA Upload Site Password. This password is in your CIDA PARS documentation or contact CIDA for information. You may also be required to enter the PARS CIDA Upload Site Username. This is also in your CIDA PARS documentation.

Note also that because the ftp site is configured to not display the contents of the drop folder for security and privacy reasons, you may not see your uploaded file appear in the empty browser window once the transfer is successfully completed.

CIDA Upload Site

Please see the Important Note to the left.

If you encounter problems performing this ftp upload, it is possible that your Browser software is not configured for ftp file drop support. Allow the installation of Browser Enhancements if necessary, or the latest versions of Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator provide this feature.


This site is provided as a service to all users of any PARS software, and is not limited to owners of PARS Reporter Lite, PARS Reporter or PARS Reporter RBM.

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