SPChk - 4D Component Features

SPChk is a 4D Component that delivers multi-language spell checking functionality to 4D developers. SPChk supports spell checking of 4D text and string fields and formatted 4D Write areas.

SPChk Features 

  1. Quick Installation.  Your application can be upgraded to offer multi-language spell checking in less than 1 hour.
  2. Supports 4D text and 4D Write areas. Supports in-line spell-checking and missspelled word highlighting while typing in 4D Write. You can utilize the 4D Write Tools... Spelling... menu item to initiate a spell-check. Code to implement the 4D Write Tools.... Language... menu item is also available.
  3. SPChk is packaged as a 4D Component - Plug-in combo. The delivery includes an installation manual, and a sample database.
  4. SPChk requires Jens Blomster's CGIPack plug-in. This plug-in is included when you purchase SPChk.
  5. Supports over 80 languages: Including English, French, Spanish, Breton, Catalan, Czech, Welsh, Danish, German, Greek, Esperanto, Faroese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian. Other word lists are also under development. SPChk is an implementation of the open source Aspell spell-checker. Languages can be changed 'on-the-fly' in your user interface and spell-checking can be performed on text of various languages.
  6. Supports personal supplemental dictionaries, your own medical dictionaries, etc.
  7. SPChk does not perform grammar checking.
  8. For usage in a 4D Server environment, SPChk can be configured to operate as a central spell check server or on an individual's 4D Client with user dictionary files maintained locally.
  9. Supports Mac OS9 4D Client if 4D Server is running on OSX or Windows.
  10. Simple syntax: SPChk_CheckText(->Text to check) is all that is required. Typical usage would be to add a button to an input screen with SPChk_CheckText(Last Object) Sample code provided for typical calls. For 4D Write implementations, the 4D Write Tools... Spelling... menu item can be used to call SPChk.
  11. The sample database exhibits how to deploy SPChk on 4D Text and String fields and with 4D Write via the Tools... Spelling menu, via a button and also via an inline spell checking implementation that changes the font color of mispelled words.
  12. User spell checking dialog form included in component.
  13. Fully localisable via public methods to address your user language requirements including public method access to all user interface objects. Public specification of MacToISO and MacToWin converters to support various character sets/operating system setups.

Spell Checking Dialogs:

Mac OS X check spelling dialog:
Windows Check Spelling dialog:
Inline spell checking with 4D Write:

SPChk Testimonials

"We needed a spell check solution for English, French and Spanish users of our globally-deployed Aid Agency support and reporting system. SPChk was the solution to our needs and we were able to have it deployed within days of our decision to purchase." Don Cockburn, CUSO

SPChk Pricing

The SPChk 4D Component package is licensed separately for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. There are no annual licence fees.

  • SPChk Developer Licence - Non transferable component - Windows - $230 USD
    (CGIPack included free of charge.)
  • SPChk Developer Licence - Non transferable component - Macintosh - $230 USD
    (CGIPack included free of charge.)
  • SPChk 10 4D Server and 4D Runtime Deployment Licence - Windows/Mac - $50 USD - A Developer Licence is a prerequisite before purchasing a Deployment Licence.
  • SPChk Source Code Option - Windows/Mac - $150 USD - A Developer licence and the appropriate Deployment licence must be purchased prior to purchasing the source code licence.
  • OEM Deployment - Please contact Nufocus Inc. for OEM pricing.

Terms and pricing subject to change without notice.

Demonstration Database

To download the SPChk demo database for Windows click here (12 Mb). The demo includes a 30 minute demonstration copy of the CGIPack plug-in.

To download the SPChk demo database for Macintosh click here. The demo includes a 30 minute demonstration copy of the CGIPack plug-in. (Important note: this Mac demo does operate on Mac OSX 10.4.x) (If you are interested in a full set of free licences to SPChk, have Mac OSX 10.4.x and are willing to work with me to get SPChk working on that version of the Mac OS, then contact support@nufocusinc.com.)

Please refer all questions/comments/requests to Nufocus Inc. at support@nufocusinc.com.

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