4D Components:

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TENG is a 4D Component that enhances your reporting capabilities by using tagged templates for rich soft-copy reporting. Fast, simple-to-use and flexible, it allows you to deliver to your customers formatted reporting via external programs such as Microsoft Word. Formats such as RTF, PDF are supported. (4D 6.7 +)

SPChk is a 4D Component and Plug-in combo package that implements a spell-check interface based on the popular open-source Aspell spell-checker.
DOCC is a robust 4D Source Code library package that implements a complete document management system in your database in minutes. (4D 6.7 +)

  4D Plug-ins:

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CGIPack is a 4D plug-in that can run a Window's script or executable in the same way that a webserver runs a cgi.


4D Code Resources:

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FLAT is a free 4D code library that allows you to perform quick lookups within external text data files. This is a helpful capability when your application is monitoring external data sources that are updated outside of your control. It can also be used instead of implementing static lookup tables and importing lookup data into your database. (4D 2003 structure)


REGR (REGistry Reader) is a 4D code library that allows you to read the content of a Windows registry key into your 4D database. (4D 6.7 Windows zip)


Activator is a free interpreted mini app that encodes and decodes text strings for simple encryption applications. Use it for simple encryption prior to transmission, or encoding/decoding of sensitive data to external files such as product activation codes. (4D 6.5 Windows zip)


Date Entry is a free interpreted mini app that exhibits how to use 4D in environments where users have different OS date settings. (4D 6.5 Windows zip)


Mini Calendar is a free interpreted mini app that implements a small calendar dialog that provides a professional quality date capture interface for your 4D applications. (4D 6.5 Windows zip)

Javascript Tree Builder is a free interpreted mini app that implements a database generated tree structure for browsing your 4D database data with a web browser.(4D 6.5 Windows zip) See typical sample here.
DXMI Import is a 4D code library that allows you to import a known format XML file into your 4D database.
DXME Export is a 4D code library that allows you to export 4D data from your 4D data structure into an XML file for use by other XML-capable database applications.

  Nufocus Custom 4D Integration Services:

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DataCentral is a 4D code library that implements intelligent database synchronisation using 4D Open and OP Execute on Server for optimised batch replication environments. Requires Nufocus integration services.
DataCentralXML is a 4D code library that utilizes the 4D Web Server or other Web Server as a host for multiple runtime systems or several other 4D Server computers communicating via HTTP with XML encoded 4D data. All 4D field types are supported including pictures and blobs. (Sorry, no subtables in this version). Field based replication for extremely optimised operation, Mod Field-based synch instead of time-based synch methodology minimises clock offset data loss problems. Can be used in large scale deployments of multiple 4D Runtimes in a WAN environment. Extremely fast. Requires Nufocus integration services.

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